Hello everybody, so as promised that i will soon post videos of my training. Just click on videos and watch a little something from my chest, bicep & tricep superset workout. Hope you like it, i plan on taking videos with a high definition camera soon, as soon as i have time to buy a HD camera. So i apologize for the video quality.

Also i will add more tips and advice videos about training, dieting and my progress in general soon. So keep coming back for me, as i will keep giving more everyday.  By the way i had an amazing chest and shoulder workout, to finish it off with abs. I will post a fully detailed workout post within a day.

Go check the videos out and let me know what you think? Would appreciate it.


Hello everybody! Hope you’re all doing great, enjoying your summer but still working out hard to stay in shape.

For this workout, i actually forgot my pre-workout supplement mix a home, so i had to manage with my natural energy and see how far that would take me. I was actually running pretty high on energy, since it was a noon workout, after a healthy breakfast. So i was mentally looking forward for the workout, so here goes:


Dumbbell flat bench press

Dumbbell Bench Press

Dumbbell Bench Press

Set 1: 10 reps with 26kg/57lbs dumbbells

Set 2: 8 reps with 31,5kg/69lbs dumbbells

Set 3: 8 reps with 36kg/79lbs dumbbells

Set 4: 8 reps with 38,5kg//85lbs dumbbells

Incline dumbbell bench press

Incline dumbbell bench press

Incline dumbbell bench press

3 sets of 8-10 reps with 26kg/57lbs dumbbells

Note. Was tired from the previous exercise, so wanted to really concentrate on the muscle and form, hence having only 26kg/57lbs dumbbells.

Incline smith machine bench press

Smith Incline Bench Press

Smith Incline Bench Press

Set 1: 10 reps with 60kg/132lbs

Set 2: 8 reps with 70kg/154lbs

Set 3: 8 reps with 75kg/165lbs

Dumbbell pullover (for the lower part of the chest)

Dumbbell pullover

Dumbbell pullover

3 sets of 10-12 reps with 23,5kg/52lbs dumbbell

Note. In this exercise it’s very important to have the muscle-mind connection, meaning you have to stabilize the rest of your body and only work the chest area by concentrating your mind on that muscle being worked. Having a controlled speed is important for reaching that muscle-mind connection for maximum benefit.

To cap off my chest workout, i did a fly with cables to hit the inner chest area and get some more definition on my chest

Cable standing fly

Cable Standing flies

Cable Standing flies

3 sets of 8-12 reps with varying weight, heavy enough to get maximum muscular contraction but without pushing myself too hard, with this being my last chest exercise for the day.

Great, so i’m done with my chest exercises. Feeling good, had to have a 5 minute break before going through with my intense biceps and triceps superset. I do these supersets sometimes just to add variety to my workouts and also i find them to be great if you are looking to increase intensity of your workouts, have more blood flowing into your muscles and also if you happen to be short on time with a busy lifestyle. Supersets workouts don’t last too long and are extremely effective. Let’s get to it:

*First superset is barbell bicep curls with z-bar and lying tricep extensions with z-bar

Barbell Bicep Curls

Barbell Bicep Curls

Lying Triceps Extension

Lying Triceps Extension

3 sets of 8  reps for each exercise, making a total of 6 sets, with no rest. Going back and forth between the two. Wow that was intense, you will see it from the video, when posted.

*Dumbbell bicep curls paired with cable tricep pushdowns.

Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Cable Tricep Pushdown

Cable Tricep Pushdown

3 sets of 8 reps for each exercise, total of 6 sets. Again with no rest. My muscles felt like they’re ready to explode. Imagine if i had my usual pumping pre-workout supplement, haha maybe next time.

*Last superset pairs are dumbbell preacher curls with dumbbell tricep kickbacks to get the final touch on my biceps and triceps for more definition and brining the bicep peak out.

Dumbbell preacher curl

Dumbbell preacher curl

Dumbbell tricep kickback

Dumbbell tricep kickback

Did a total of 3 sets of 8-10 reps for each exercise, making a total of 6 sets. Didn’t go heavy weights, i usually want to go more for definition for last exercises that i have, no matter what muscle i’m working. I wanna stay injury-free, so no need to always be pushing maximum weights, but then again you have to in the beginning, specially if you want to grow bigger and stronger. Lift big, eat big and sleep big and you shall become HUGE 🙂 Anyway that’s it for the day, will be back soon with my upper back workout from sunday and my leg workout from yesterday (monday). Tune back in soon and maybe i have FINALLY posted the videos as promised so many times.

Keep training hard and smart!

Copyright: Gif pictures are courtesy of http://www.exrx.net. Own illustrative exercise pics will be up soon as mentioned before.

Hey guys,

Couldn’t wait to go to the gym and have a great workout once again and getting one more step closer to to achieving my ultimate fitness transformation, i hope you are also excited and motivate to have some goals of yours, no matter how small or big. Since we are only competing with ourselves by always trying to improve ourselves physically and otherwise in life

So let’s get to the workout today i took my usual pre-workout supplement mixture (containing nitric oxide, creatine malate etc. will tell more some other time) 30 minutes before my actual workout for the day.

Started off with my usual 10 minutes of warming up by doing 5 minutes on the treadmill and then warming up my body (muscles and joints), but i don’t do static stretches as it’s not desired before your actual workout, only immediately after your workout or even some hours later. However i do very light stretches in between sets for that specific muscle i’m currently training.

Actual workout for the day(will add pictures to all exercises very soon and video also):

Upper back (using lifting straps to help with my grip)

Pulldown to the front with a wide grip

Set 1: 10 reps of 70kg/154lbs

Set 2: 10 reps of 75kg/165lbs

Set 3: 8 reps of 80kg/176lbs

Set 4: 8 reps of 85kg/187lbs

Seated row with a narrow grip

Set 1: 10 reps of 80kg/176lbs

Set 2: 10 reps of 90kg/198lbs

Set 3: 8 reps of 100kg/220lbs

Bent-over row with a dumbbell (one arm)

Set 1: 10 reps of 31kg/68lbs

Set 2: 10 reps of 38,5kg/85lbs

Set 3: 10 reps of 41kg/90lbs

Close grip lat pulldown with a lever machine (SOON a picture will explain it better)

3 sets of 10 reps with varying weights, didn’t pay attention to weights on this one as usually at this stage of my back workout i try to go for the feel, as in the beginning i go more for strength and mass.

Some people do traps right after the back workour, i tend to leave it until after i’ve finished my biceps workout, so let’s get to that.


Z-bar (barbell) bicep curls

Set 1: 10 reps of 30kg/66lbs

Set 2: 8 reps of 35kg/77lbs

Set 3: 8 reps of 40kg/88lbs

Set 4: 8 reps of 45kg/99lbs

Alternating dumbbell bicep curls with a twist (Bring the peak of bicep out)

Set 1: 8 reps of 18,5kg/40lbs dumbbells/per arm

Set 2: 8 reps of 18,5kg/40lbs dumbbells/per arm

Set 3: 8 reps of 18,5kg/40lbs dumbbells/per arm

Z-bar preacher curls

Set 1: 8 reps of 30kg/66lbs

Set 2: 8 reps of 30kg/66lbs

Set 3: 8 reps of 305kg/66lbs

Crucifix bicep curl on cable machine ( finish the workout out with exercise that blasts the peak of the biceps, love it!)

3 sets of 10 reps with 20kg/44lbs on each side of the cable machine weight rack

Last but not least the trapezius muscle


Dumbbell shrugs (6 reps erect posture and the last 6 reps with a slight lean to hit a different angle)

6 sets of 12 reps with 40kg/88lbs dumbbells

Oh my god, i felt so pumped at that point. My biceps were looking huge compared to normally and vascular, i feel like my pre-workout supplement and training is working. At this point, i’m happy and still VERY motivated, hope you guys are also and talk to you soon about the next training session which will be legs, calves and abs. I’ll try my best to finally get some pics and video posted from the workout session.

Anyway i’m off to eating some good, healthy food and just relaxing. Visualising my body transforming and becoming a fitness muscle beast. 🙂