3 July 2009 Upper back, traps & abs workout

July 5, 2009

Hey guys,

On friday i did upper back, traps and abs. I had a great day outside the gym, so i automatically assumed that it would remain at the same level, when i would go to the gym. How wrong was I, I wasn’t satsified with the gym i have been going to lately, so since i didn’t have an active membership since wednesday 1st of July. I thought to myself, that hey i still gotta workout, so decided to go to a public fitness center like a YMCA type facility. I can honestly say i had the worst workout of my life, no air circulation, crappy equipments etc. etc. I was so actually hurrying to finish my workout and left it a bit short. So I NEED to find a good gym fast, as i don’t wanna go back to that gym.

But hey at least i grined through the workout, here goes:

Upper back

Wide grip front pulldown

Wide grip front pulldown

Wide grip front pulldown

Set 1: 10 reps with 70kg/154lbs

Set 2: 10 reps with 75kg/165lbs

Set 3: 8 reps with 80kg/176lbs

Seated Row

Seated row

Seated row

I only managed to squeeze 2 sets of 10 reps with 90kg/198lbs.

Note. Machine was really old and unreliable, so i chose to move on.

T-Bar row

T-Bar row

T-Bar row

Set 1: 10 reps with 60kg/132lbs

Set 2: 8 reps with 70kg/154lbs

Set 3: 8 reps with 80kg/176lbs

Note. I enjoyed this exercise, as the machine was working fine. So i pushed 3 really good sets out of this one. Felt a bit better at this point.

Dumbbell Shrugs for traps (trapezius)

Dumbbell shrugs

Dumbbell shrugs

4 sets of 10 reps with 41kg/90lbs dumbbells

Note. Wanted to go heavier than normally and in a sense punish myself for not having a good workout. I gotta admit, that at this point i was happy that i did most my exercises that i was supposed to, but couldn’t bare the thought of staying there and doing abdominals, so i decided to do them at home later in the evening.


I usually do abs with weights to develop the abdominal muscles and make them thicker, but since this time i was gonna do abs at home, i tried to do different varieties of crunches etc. for a total of 250 reps. Guys remember, that the number is not the most important thing, you have to control your body and it’s motion to actually feel the muscle working and contract the muscle properly, without too much of a swing action.

Anyway enjoy your weekend guys, keep training hard and eating healthy. Remember that a little cheat meal or snack is ok 1-2 twice a week, to keep the mind sane 🙂

Copyright: Gif pictures are courtesy of http://www.exrx.net. Own illustrative exercise pics will be up soon as mentioned before.


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